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Walking On The Moon



When a woman is deciding on the perfect shoe there are three main contributing factors involved.

1. Comfort (Are my feet going to hurt) Look, I am a woman who is constantly on the move and there is nothing more annoying than painful feet as you are hitting the pavement day in and day out.

2. Quality Is my shoe going to break? Is the heel going to snap off? Will my buckle pop?  (This happened to me a few weekends ago and I had to continue to walk and play it off as if nothing happened….)

3. Style Is my shoe going to turn heads. Will people be secretly jealous when they see me wearing my shoe? Are people going to stop and ask where they could get a pair?

7-2227 womens-4cs-shoes-wedge-height-1-85-2-diamond-style-coverage-checker-blockswomens-4cs-shoes-classic-height-1-2-2-diamond-style-coverage-checker-blocks-3

Heal USA has hit yes for every single target. New to the market of NYC. This is a must have shoe especially for those of us always hitting the hard of concrete of New York this summer. Who doesn’t want to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time?

Check the Health Benefits and out some amazing FAQs about HEAL-USA Straight from there website.


Heal USA has developed a line of high-quality shoes with a focus on thicker soles, in order to help prevent serious foot problems which can often arise from wearing thinner-soled shoes, such as flip-flops, which can undermine healthy foot biomechanics and can damage one’s feet, legs, knees, hips and back.  In a 2012 article from My Health Magazine, foot experts recommended purchasing thick-soled sandals over thinner-soled sandals to reduce the likelihood of foot and other related problems.  . (August 2012, MyHealthTalk

Heal USA shoes conform to the shape of your foot, and as a result our shoes can help to balance the pressure on critical points of the foot while at the same time offering greater shock absorption in order to relieve overall stress on the foot and other joints. Heal USA uses an eco-friendly proprietary material called EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, also commonly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber), which is the same technology that was developed to relieve stress and pain to horses’ hooves.

In developing its shoe line, Heal USA designed its shoes and sandals with more height, in order to follow podiatrists suggestions.  It may come as a surprise to many that flat is not always best; in a recent study researchers found that running shoes can actually put a greater strain on one’s joints than stilettos, the article stated: “Flat is not always best, and a recent study in America found that running shoes can actually put a greater strain on our joints than sexy stilettos (http://www.livescience.com/6027-study-running-shoes-joint-strain.html).

Indeed, if you are a naturally high-heeled woman who keeps wearing flat shoes such as trainers or ballet shoes, you will be going against your natural foot type and will cause your feet no end of stress”.  According to the same article, every woman has her own perfect heel height.  For some women the recess of the sinus tarsi is moderate and 1 inch

Additionally, Dr. Emma Supple, a podiatrist at Supplefeet Clinic, North London, and an NHS podiatric surgeon, pointed out that “if you are a naturally high-heeled woman who keeps wearing flat shoes such as trainers or ballet shoes, you will be going against your natural foot type and will cause your feet no end of stress”.  According to the same article, every woman has her own perfect heel height.  For some women the recess of the sinus tarsi is moderate and 1 inch or 2 inch heels will offer the necessary form and

support.  In other women, however, heels may need to be as high as even 3 inches in order to elevate the feet into an arched position. (“They Needn’t be Flat”, 8/6/2013 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1243726/They-neednt-flat–Our-guide-to-ideal-heel.html

3. Heal USA 4C’s Kids shoes were developed in accordance with expert opinions (as reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board).  These shoes are made of breathable, lightweight material with soft elastics as well as bendable and flexible soles.  Heal’s 4C’s Kids shoes are specially designed to allow room at the heel and the front of the shoe.  The material on the top (upper) of the shoe is supple, yet not too loose.

Make sure to stay in the know with Heal USA .. and don’t just be a browser… get a pair of these amazing shoes!


RMS presents Trends in Digital Media E-tail And Retail


Digital Marketing Strategies panel-Tyler Thoreson, GILT; Vic Drabicky, January Digital; Oki Ike, Rockfish; Gwen Morrison, WPP Global Retail Practice

In this day and time we are always looking for the biggest, the best, the greatest, and of course the question is always “What’s next?”

Recently The Retail Marketing Society hosted their “Trends in Digital Media E-tail And Retail” conference at FIT’s Katie Murphy Theatre. Guests in tow were honored to hear from seasoned industry speakers including Lori Schafer, co-author of “BRANDED! How Retailers Engage Consumers with Social Media & Mobility” and Executive Advisor of Retail, SAS; Jon Fortt, CNBC On-Air Editor, Technology; Aaron Mittman, CEO of Sonic Notify; Denee Carrington, Senior Analyst, Consumer Product Strategy, Forrester Research; and Kevon Hills, Vice President of Research, Stella Service. There was also a panel discussion moderated by Gwen Morrison, Co-CEO of The Store, WPP’s Global Retail Practice  who all discussed the trends we should be expecting in the E-tail and Retail markets

Keynote speaker Lori Schafer, SAS with Nancy Marino, Columbia Consulting, Bob Salerno,FIT and Joan Volpe, FIT Jerry Politzer, National Retail Consultants; Lori Schafer, SAS

So what is new and trending? According to Lori Schafer, Amazon is on the up and up and they are preparing for an industry takeover. We are all familiar with the food home delivery service Fresh Direct. Well our friends at Amazon have just recently launched their brand Amazon Fresh.  Also on the trend in home delivery is same-day delivery service which I believe is fantastic especially in the instant gratification society that we live in today. It is convenient…..and hopefully it will start soon. I love the idea of ordering a dress and it coming in the same day.

Another topic that caught my eye from Schafer’s discussion was internet currency  such as bit coin. I honestly sat in awe while listening to her, thinking wow who would have ever thought of a day and age where you could use internet currency to make online purchases as opposed to regular currency. Times have definitely changed.

RMS Board Member Bob Negron, N Group NYC and speaker Jon Fortt, CNBC
Jon Fortt introduced us to the new age of wireless even as it pertains to shopping. The era of network and network speed is over, everyone is pairing up even in the wireless world, combining services and, with some companies, even merging. Beacons were another hot topic. A beacon (a great selling tool for businesses) is a device that helps a customer’s shopping experience. If a customer is in range of a beacon for more than two minutes it will help the customer lessen any indecisiveness they may have. Of course, like with any other product, success will be determined by the value to the user. I mean we live in a consumer-based society.
Speaker Denee Carrington, Forrester Research

Embracing the mobile mind shift is what Denee Carrington spoke on. She emphasized that mobile is the bridge between the physical and digital world. Consumers are expecting a mobile friendly experience. There are even mobile digital wallets that are particularly intriguing to young  consumers who are more tech savvy and surprisingly earn more.

As times change and technology progresses we have gone from fourteen-day shipping to now almost same day delivery. It intrigues me to think of what is next for digital media since we already live in such a fast paced day and age. Nothing is truly impossible when it comes to digital trends.

U lace I lace We Lace together…….





Tim Talley the creator of one of the most brilliant sneaker accessories dishes with me on the inspiration behind his company U-LACE…..take a look!

After running the Urban Fashion Division of the New Era Cap for 3 years (circa 2004-2007) Talley Decided to take a trip East! FAR EAST that is to Tokyo Japan  to do  a bit of trend spotting for himself. In hopes of finding a new product.
While in Tokyo Talley spotted a pair of sneakers that were laced up in 6 different colors  in a Harajuku shop. After purchasing the sneakers, Talley realized that the laces were just a merchandising trick because while observing the sneakers in depth a wardrobe malfunction occurred. All of the laces puddled out, 6 standard laces were ran through a set of eyelets and the remainder of the laces were just shoved into the sneaker.
It was then that genius struck Talley once again. He fell in love with this multicolored lace design and thought to himself that THIS was the product that he was on the search for. After returning back to the states Talley began to work on the design for this brilliant idea. Looking for both functionality and style it took Talley two years to get it right but he finally did!
So guys here are some fun facts about U-Lace!
As we know summertime is approching and I don’t know about ya’ll but summer time is my fav season for slip on sneaks. I mean actually anytime is my favorite time for slip ons they are just easy but summer time is the best season because I am always on the move and I just wanna slip my kicks on with a white tee and some shorts real easy … who likes to tie laces any way? I know I don’t and that’s a fact! Any way once your shoes are laced with U-Lace, sneakers automatically become slip ons never to be tied again … well unless you un U-Lace them but why would you do that?
Shoes usually have 8 sets of eyelets and U-Lace currently has 42 colors. For each set of eyelets you get to choose 1 of the 42 colors. This turns your color combinations into 42 to the 8th power equalling 9,682,651,996,416 color combinations.
If you come up with a new color idea or lacing pattern, send a pic in to the U-Lace FB page and if it is confirmed that your idea actually is new then you will be sent a prize pack of U-Lace Product.
I asked Talley what was his favorite sneaker to rock his U-Laces in and I got this reply    ”If you saw me you would know” lol so there it is folks no endorsements here check out some of Talley’s pics and you will find out his U-Lace sneaker fav.
So stay tuned for more surprises coming from U-Lace  the #1 Hot New Product in Japan. Lets make this the same here in America. I know you want to customize your kicks with some U-Laces
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ulace
Instagram: @ulacesneakerlaces
Twitter: @u_lace

HELENE WESTBYE American Debut!


Helene Westbye Logo

“I live by the rule not to follow rules, so what I do tend to be upside down.

My style I defined as a rock’ n roll with a chic feminine twist, strong expressions and pure lines.

I’m inspired by boxes, boxes you can break out of. I’m inspired by everything and nothing. I’m inspired by life.”

- Helene Westbye

The heat has just turned on but us in the fashion world  are always one season ahead! So what’s on the agenda for Fall? Well I had the amazing opportunity to preview the luxury woman’s shoe collection by designer Helene Westbye and she is definitely giving fashion forwardness this Fall. Let’s take a PEAK!


photo 4 (2)         photo 2 slide-1    slide-4


In love yet? If not you might need some prescription glasses. Who would not love this collection? I am saying this because I am not just sold from the designs but the designer. Helene Westbye’s quote which is above sold me. She has a vision and she knows where she is going and where she want’s her collection to go.

Who is the woman that wants to be in a Helene Westbye shoe? A woman who is fearless and not afraid to step outside of the box. A woman who takes risks and is not afraid to step on toes, a woman who breaks barriers. Now take a look again at those shoes and capture the vision that Helene is painting for her collection.

I may just be ready for Fall even though Summer has just unofficially started! Stay Tuned Folks Helenes collection is debuting in the States so you WANT to be caught in the  whirl wind of NEW and Fresh for the season of Fall.

Everyone loves a well made European shoe!

Stay in the know with Helene by checking out her website and shopping for her pieces at her showroom in New York!

http://www.helenewestbye.com/   Instagram @helenewestbye

Facebook facebook.com/helenewestbye

Showroom New York :
Jean Claude Huon
Wave Atelier
210 Fifth Avenue # 902
New York , NY 10010
Tel: 212 510 8700




FGI Frontliner Presents….Evolution Of a Brand in Changing Times




As we all know times are changing , well in a sense that have already changed. So how do the Heavy Hitting brands along with the newbies stay relevant in this fast-paced and ever changing industry? Last week I had the pleasure of sitting in on the “Evolution of a Brand In Changing Times” Panel discussion put on by FGI, sponsored by Conde Nast , and moderated by Charles Klein ESQ, Partner, of Davidoff Hutcher &Citron LLP. The panel of Speakers included Mary Beech CMO of Kate Spade and Company. Simon Graj  CEO of Graj + Gustavsen, Inc, Bud Konheim CEO of Nicole Miller and Alan Krantzler CMO of Tumi.

Representing for the women was a fiery Mary Beech (fiery in a good way in the sense of her being extremely enthusiastic about her brand. You can always tell when one is passionate about and agrees with the vision of their company. Mary Beech is definitely that woman.) Beech discussed the DNA and Lifestyle of the Kate Spade brand, which is summarized in the phrase “lead a more interesting life” Beech schooled us on what  the definition of a Kate Spade woman. She said the Kate Spade woman is a variety of any woman it’s a mindset the detroys the barriers of age ranges and style. She could have even said “I am the definition of Kate Spade woman” because she was spotted in a full Kate Spade ensemble fierce and positive attitude included. I told you this woman loves her brand and I respect that.

Next up on the line was Bud Konheim. I secretly felt as if he and I were kindred spirits let me explain. His vision is looking for those people that are ok with stepping on toes and voicing their opinions those who are not afraid to bring new and vibrant ideas to the table no matter who they are or what role they play. Tying in with the theme of “Evolution of a Brand in Changing Times” Finding people who are willing to think outside the box and are not afraid to voice their thoughts are necessary. Closet thinkers never made a brilliant idea come to fruition it is those who are willing to break beyond the barriers of possibility and think ahead. These qualities are a necessity in the times we are living in, we have to be one step ahead always because things are constantly changing. Bud made it clear that it not necessarily what the consumer needs but more so what the consumer wants, know that you are in the business of making the consumer happy and creating a sense of joy.

Alan Krantzler of Tumi highlighted a subject that remains everlasting and a vital necessity in any industry “Quality control”. “Quality Standard is key” were his exact words. The quality and durability of a product is key to keeping that great relationship with the consumer.

Now unto Mr. Simon Graj who was noted as The visionary of the group. He sees and understands the vision and goal of making it and staying made if you will. In Mr. Graj’s contribution to the panel he bundled up everything that was said in a nut shell. “Connect the DNA of the brand to the market opportunity”. Sounds familiar kids?? (Supply and Demand) “Fight professionalism, fight the meaningless words of the market, define what moves the market, and are you capable to bring the vision of the brand to the consumer? Can you deliver what you said you can?”

If you haven’t noticed this industry is run by the consumer. Knowing your consumer is a vital key to remaining on top of the game in these changing times. It’s about not only staying on top of the trends, but seeing if these new trends fit into the vision of your company. Your customers believe in you because they believe in the vision of your company; it is that which keeps them coming back for more. So remain consistent in the deliverance of the quality of your product and you just might stand the test of time in this ever changing industry of Fashion and Retail!

The Sole of A True Fan.



On Tuesday May 20, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the press preview and launch of SKICKS. What I like to refer to as “School Spirit with a Kick” literally. Anyone who is familiar with the college lifestyle knows that school gear is an important part of being a student. We have seen the hoodies, the t-shirts, the sweats, …… but sneakers no one has done that. Well my friends I am here to tell you to be on the look out for collegiate sneakers coming to a campus near you, or maybe they are already on your campus That is right Skicks created by the amazing Jordana Schrager literally embodies the Sole of every College sports fan. Now you can rep your school from top of your head to the soles of your feet literally. So lets get the 411 on Jordana and her new found venture SKICKS.


Jordana Schrager is a student studying art and design at the prestigious University of Michigan. While on her downtime I am sure, Jordana would use her sneakers as a canvas doodling elaborate college designs on them. After being approached by a number of students on her campus asking for their own custom pair SKICKS was born. “How genius” I thought! This idea screams brilliance and how much more brilliant to take an idea all the way to the bank. I commend Jordanan for not sitting on an amazing idea but actually going for it and making her idea into a reality. “I’m so excited to officially bring SKICKS to the market” says Jordana. I am excited as well students will have a new way to rep their schools and show school spirit. But it obviously is not just for students but College sports fans all over the nation. SKICKS will become a vital part of any die hard fan or alumni’s wardrobe, whether you’re supporting the Orange at the Carrier Dome, the Hoosiers’ at Assembly Hall or the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium.


So which schools have officially signed on to to SKICKS nation? Auburn University, Baylor University, Clemson University, Florida State University, Indiana University, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, Penn State University, Syracuse University, University of Cincinnati, University of Georgia, University of Louisville, University of Miami, University of Michigan,University of Tennessee, and University of Wisconsin. Don’t see your school or team on the list not to worry Jordana is still in the works with many universities so their will be more to come.

SKICKS retail for between $59.99 and $69.99 and are available for purchase at www.skicks.com, and at select retailers, fan shops, and university bookstores at the following schools Auburn University, Florida State University, Indiana University, Michigan State University, Penn State University, Syracuse University, University of Georgia, University of Miami, University of Michigan and University of Tennessee.

Jordana Schrager SKICKS[1]


Keep in the know with SKICKS

Like SKICKS on Facebook at @SKICKSsneakers

follow SKICKS on Instagram and Twitter at @_SKICKS

and do not forget to check out their website www.skicks.com

Swimwear Maira’s way!!!




Summer is on the horizon and ladies it’s been time to get swimwear ready….but more importantly it is time to get swimwear. This past weekend I got a chance to sit down and chat with the amazing swim suit designer Maira. We discussed swimwear the industry and everything in between including her amazing line MAEEDA. Check it out.


“Urban, no frills, New York Summer, bold color, architectural detail” these are a few words Maira used to describe her one of a kind swimsuit line. As you can see these are exactly what Maira is giving us in her fashion forward collection. You see concepts that definitely define the stylish concrete jungle that Maira now finds home.
So where is Maira’s original home? Brazil … Maira grew up on the beaches of Brazil. The beach was her life and everything that she knew. For Maira going to the beach was THE thing to do. This literally influenced every aspect of her being. So how do we go from beach lover to swimsuit designer. I mean the correlation between the two may seem obvious but there is a twist. Maira was a dancer in Brazil and found herself sewing and altering her own dance costumes.This is when the lightbulb went off . Maira decided to incorporate everything that was apart of her;the beach life, dance life, and everything in between to create her funky swimsuit line Maira.
“You can not put something out that is not in you…..It’s not going to be authenitic…In everything in life be passionate about it! Are some bold statements that Maira made about her swimsuit line and entreperneaur lifestyle. Which I totally agree with . You are sitting there unhappy at a job you hate as beyonce would say 9-5 just to stay alive and you hate your life whats the point. Go for the gold and do what you need to do to be happy in your career. Make that path that you have been put here to create.
Speaking of which Maira just doesn’t make the regular looking swim suits you can find anywhere. She makes one of a kind pieces that tell a story of her life both then and now. Inspired by thr beach and dance of Brazil infused with the architectual street and urban life of NYC. Using ech fabrics filled with vibrant colors and patterns.
Maira knew their was a need for her style of swimwear so she made room for it.
Who want’s to wear these swimsuits. Um well if you are a woman with good taste and style then this swimsuit is  for you. Maeeda is a swim suit line for woman who are comfortable in their skin and are interested in fashion, quality, and design. If you are a woman interested in fashion who’s not intimitaded by your sexiness then this is the swim suit line for you.
Make sure you check out Maira’s website
And follow her on Facebook and Twitter
Twitter: @mairahouck

Pen And Paper still works folks ask…..Lloyd Boston


photo 19

Welcome to Niquea D a nifty shop filled with fun and antique knick knacks from jewelry, faux peacocks, antique mirrors and dazzling time pieces,  The feel you get when you enter in is grandmothers secret treasure chest. A modern day twist of those days when you would go and play dress up as a child with grandmothers pearls. Now you can play dress up with your own kool finds! Niquea D is a small and quaint find on the Upper East Side of Manhattan located on 76th and 3rd (1335 3rd Avenue) it was also the venue for the launch of Lloyd Boston’s new card collection. Yes as in actual stationery In the day of emails and texts nothing is as beautiful as receiving an actual card you know  pen and paper…..REMEMBER (In my best Drake voice)

photo 5

Lloyd Boston  is every A-list celebrity’s favorite TV Style Host. From NY Fashion Week to the biggest nights in Hollywood, Lloyd Boston is the style journalist who gets all the hottest red carpet reveals. Just ask Kerry Washington, Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes, Sophia Vergara, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Heidi Klum, Carrie Underwood just to name a few. Lloyd regularly covers and re-caps the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes from the red carpet for Access Hollywood, NBC Today, CNN, and Extra.

Lloyd has been a regular TV contributor and style editor to NBC’s Today Show for more than a decade with over 200 celebrated appearances. He has also several Oprah Show appearances, including his own full hour of style with the legend, and has been a regular contributor to ABC’s The View since 1998. Lloyd Boston has connected to millions worldwide through his guest appearances on The Wendy Show, The Talk, Martha, VH1’s Rock Docs, HSN, CNN, E! News, Access Live and many more.

photo 4

Although Boston does not see him self as a wardrobe stylist, he does have a niche when it comes to styling, which is “styling the everyday woman.” “Celebrities have access to everything” Boston stated. The everyday woman doesn’t have this access, so it is much more fulfilling to see an “everyday” woman being transformed into that inner fashionista that she had NO idea she could be. With such a large platform  Lloyd is able to help millions of “everyday” women at one time!

During the launch of his new card collection I got a chance to chat with Lloyd about this new venture in the world of stationery and the inspiration behind it. Lloyd was actually a fine arts major at Rutgers University so the card collection is pretty much him going back to those fine arts roots, with a taste of fashion. Lloyd includes style tips in his chic new cards creating a game changer to the world of stationery (Happy Birthday Liz….also here is a style tip from style guru Lloyd Boston).

photo 3 photo 2

It was love at first sight when Lloyd approached Papyrus ( the parent company of Niquea D ) with this idea, and since then his cards have been selling through the roof.

But before I go I asked Lloyd for some style advice for any woman in the world and here is the golden nugget that he gave me!

“Take time to manage your closet just as you would manage your resume. just like you update your  skill set on your resume your closet needs to be updated constantly. The closet is the command central of your image so make sure it’s on point”

photo 13



Stay tuned for Lloyd Boston’s next big thing and also more information about his cards. On his website also follow him on social media to stay in the know.


Twitter: @lloydboston

Instagram: @lloydboston

AJ Crimsons New Spring Launch Re-Cap



If you are in the beauty industry then you already know it is make up craze time! Hellloooo the make up show is coming to town. So what better time to launch a new line of beauty product!? This past Saturday AJ Crimson world renowned make up artist did just that at Kenig+Alcone 14th and 6th ave location.

AJ Crimson has partnered with OFRA Cosmetics,  for the launch of a new one-of-kind line combining the properties of BB creams and DD Creams. Introducing AJ Crimson BB+D Cream, a collection of beauty balms with an extended color range and fuller coverage for the global woman. But wait folks there is more! AJ Crimson Cosmetics is also proud to introduce AJ Crimson Dual Skin Crème Foundation. Now women everywhere can easily achieve that red carpet look. AJ Crimson Dual Skin Crème Foundation was designed to give that second skin look without looking or feeling heavy like most creams on the market. This innovative formula keeps moisture locked into the skin for a dewy soft look that is long lasting. Highly pigmented, AJ Crimson Dual Skin Crème Foundation can be worn sheer or built up for a lightweight coverage that seems to melt into the skin.


Playing in makeup happens to be a favorite past time of mine so I was uber excited to be attending this launch plus AJ and his team were super sweet and stylish.

While going through a rundown of the products and new line I asked AJ what inspired this new collection. His response was that “he was ready to take his career to a new level with this new collection of products” AJ wanted to fill the void that was missing in beauty….the need for a broad enough range to meet the complexions of all women and not just leaving them to a few collections. After our chat we then got right to business…the business of beating faces that is!

DownloadedFile-6 DownloadedFile-10 DownloadedFile-7

I mean how kool is it to have your face beat by a make up artist of AJs calibur. They can teach you new tricks and school you on how to properly apply product. AJ Crimson’s new product is super smooth and creamy. I HATE HATE HATTEEE feeling like I have any type of product on my face. it’s just not fun and it feels gross. However with AJs new product it went on silky smooth. I could not even tell I had anything on. This is the NEW creamy crack ya’ll. Every makeup artist or woman who wears makeup needs to have this product. AJ turned my I just woke up and would like to keep my shades on until the evening face into Hello sunshine I am ready to conquer the World!

DownloadedFile-8 DownloadedFile-11

DownloadedFile-12 DownloadedFile-9

Look beauties ………Go get you some AJ Crimson BB+D Cream as well as the Dual skin Creme Foundation period. You can find AJs products at the prime location of the Kenig+Alcone store on 14th and 6th. (538 Avenue of the Americas)

Also if you want to get some hands on training from AJ he is having a Contour and highlighting class taking place THIS Saturday from 11am-3pm for only $175.00 sign up at AJCRIMSON.com. You can also catch AJ at the makeup show this weekend …you should be there it’s kind of a BIG deal!

Ok so if you were taking notes….

1. Get some AJ Crimson BB+D Cream as well as the Dual skin Creme Foundation from AJ CRIMSONS NEW LINE. ( You can purchase it at the prime location of Kenig + Alcone on 14th and 6th)

2. There are only a few seats left for AJs contour and highlighting class taking place this Saturday from 11am-3pm so sign up at AJCRIMSON.com if you are interested.

3. THE MAKEUP SHOW IS COMING TO TOWN! And AJ WILL be there so stop by!

Stay in the know with AJ VIA these platforms


Twitter @ajcrimson

Instagram @ajcrimson